We Need Someone to Pull Us Together

I am a Maryland native who loves this State.

I am the best candidate because I will always make the issues that affect my family and my neighbors a priority. I am the best candidate because I want to focus on bringing our community back together as friends, family and neighbors. As a community, we can solve the issues that affect us all.

I am the best candidate because I am a domestic violence and rape survivor who survived to become a #MeToo champion for women and children – and – the vast majority of men who respect the rights and bodies of women and children.

I am the best candidate because I am a Maryland public servant with extensive experience working in State government and Annapolis.

I am the best candidate because I understand the problems facing our community and will be a voice of change to solve those problems. My Master’s in Community Counseling from Towson University taught me about addictions and how they can be treated.

We need someone who can pull our community together by providing opportunity, equality, and fairness to everyone in our community.

I am that someone.

VOTE Karen 4 Maryland

PRIMARY: June 26

GENERAL: November 6

VOTE Me Your Champion

Hello! I’m Karen Simpson. I’ve lived in Maryland all my life.

Karen 4 Maryland

I’m a survivor! I survived rape at age 21 and domestic violence by my first husband. My children and I are now safe. I survived to become a #MeToo champion for the safety of women and children.

Karen 4 Women

I’m a mom. My son Philip is 27 years old. My daughter Autumn is 21 years old.

Autumn was diagnosed with Crohns when she was 15 years old. She missed two and half years of school. No prom. No graduation. Lots of doctors. Lots of treatments. She worked hard and got her GED. She is now able to live a normal life with infusion treatments at the hospital every 6-7 weeks. Infusions cost between $12,000 to $43,000 each infusion. I’m thankful we have really good insurance.

Unfortunately that’s not the case for everyone. No one should be one paycheck away from going broke because they get sick. I will work for affordable and accessible health care for everyone. Healthcare is a right – none of our other rights mean anything if we are too sick to enjoy them.

Karen 4 Healthcare

I am a graduate of Maryland public schools. I earned my diploma from Paint Branch High School. Our children deserve a good education in a safe environment. Our teachers deserve a fair and equitable pay for their sacrifice and commitment to the investment they make in our children.

Karen 4 Education

My brother, uncle and our families wrestled with the destructive grasp of addiction. My beloved brother Danny died by suicide at age 23. The wake of dysfunction addictions and mental illness left my family inspired me to obtain my Master’s in Community Counseling at Towson University.

Our opioid epidemic is a mental health substance abuse issue. Its complicated. Addicts and their families need services. Addiction is already tough. Our judicial system isn’t equipped to rehabilitate addicts. We don’t need bigger prisons. We need more treatment centers. Our mental health and substance abuse communities must be given the resources to lead us to recovery.

Karen 4 Recovery

We are neighbors. We need each other. Let’s come together.

I am Karen Simpson. I am a survivor.

I’m a wife. My husband David is a Lutheran pastor in our community.

I’m a mom.

I’m a hard worker.

I am your neighbor. I love all of my neighbors as I love myself. Let’s work together to make our neighborhood the best it can be.

VOTE 4 Karen Simpson for Maryland State Delegate.

Let me be your champion.

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Gun Violence Against Women

Jaelynn Willey’s tragedy must never be romanticized as a story about a lovesick boy. This is the reality of gun violence against women.

Rest in peace Jaelynn. You are missed.

Do NOT romanticize gun violence against women.

We need leaders in government who understand the issues and aren’t afraid to confront them, talk about them, sponsor legislation, vote bills out of committee and enact laws to protect women against violence.

Jaelynn deserves a response.

Washington Post March 22 2018

Teen shot by fellow student at Md. school is brain dead, will be removed from life support, family says

#EnoughIsEnough. #WhatIf #MeNext

Opioid Epidemic

Our children and families deserve freedom from the scourge of opioid drug use that is invading our county.

I drive by our Police Headquarters and see the sign that brings tears to my eyes – over 100 overdoses as of just the beginning of March right here in Anne Arundel County.

We may feel it’s a problem in other parts of the county, but it’s here, it’s right here in Severna Park and Millersville and Pasadena.

My husband served as a Police Department Chaplain and he responded to many fatal overdose calls right here in our district.

As your delegate, I will work to deal firmly and effectively with those who sell these deadly poisons to our children, and to assure that effective treatment is available for those who are caught in the snare of addiction.

Addicts and their families need services.

Let’s stop frustrating our judicial system with a problem they are not equipped to rehabilitate.

#1 Priority: Education

We care about our children’s schools.

Each day as we give them a hug and send them off to school, we want them to learn something of value to their life and our world. And we want them to learn in a safe environment.

We want our children to have the best, most qualified and caring teachers possible.

We want every child, no matter their background or their ability, to be inspired to achieve at their highest level.

As your delegate, the education of our children will be my highest priority.

I will fight for teachers to be paid fairly and schools to be safe and well-maintained.

I will fight against the borrowing of our children’s future.

Funds allocated for education must actually be spent for our children.

Remember all the promises when Casino Gambling was approved a few years ago? We have a big beautiful casino right here in our county – has education funding increased like we were promised?

The problem is not a lack of money, it is a lack of priority – for too many of our leaders keeping special interest donors happy is more important than making sure our children receive a first rate – and safe – education.

I’m tired of excuses. It’s just noise.

Are you a student? A parent? Or a teacher?

Tell me how I can best serve you.

Karen is listening.

Karen 4 Maryland

Let Me Introduce Myself

I’m Karen Simpson and I’m running for Delegate in District 31-B.

I’ve lived in Maryland all my life, but I’ve NEVER run for political office before NOW.

I don’t have a lot of money or powerful friends.

I’m running because people like me and you need a voice in Annapolis.

I’m running because the things that impact my family – my husband David and my children Philip and Autumn, plus our two dogs and three cats – have not been priorities in the business-as-usual way things have been done.

I’m running because I’m tired of politicians tearing us apart with their us or them rhetoric. We are all neighbors and we are all “us.” There may be some things we disagree about, but there is much more that we all care about.